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FOSS's Digital Services

FossCalibrator™ / FossCalibrator™ Pro

FossCalibrator™ / FossCalibrator™ Pro

Optimising accuracy and profitability

  • Develop and improve prediction models with guidance for optimal settings

  • Validate your models and compare performance in a simple overview

  • Upload your models directly to your instruments via FossManager™

FossAssure™/ FossAssure™ Pro

FossAssure™/ FossAssure™ Pro

Optimising the operation and the performance of your instruments

  • Stay in control of quality and cost by monitoring instrument health and operating procedure compliance

  • Optimise preventive maintenance activities and avoid unplanned downtime

  • Avoid out-of-spec products and uncertainty by validating calibration accuracy (FossAssure™ Pro)

FossManager™/ FossManager™ Pro

FossManager™/ FossManager™ Pro

Optimal management of your analytical data

  • Access instrument settings and consolidated data on a single or multiple instruments across sites, from any location

  • Perform remote configuration of your instruments and monitor that they are operated in compliance with standard operating procedures

  • Safeguard your data with automatic backups of settings and analytical results

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