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Our Expertise

Enjoy the benefit of a single professional roof for all your project aspects to be managed.
Whether an end to end project or a building block in your path, SOLTEK is the ultimate provider for planning, consulting and executing.


At SOLTEK, a result-driven company, we see meticulous planning as the foundation for the desired end result; project delivered on time, on budget and to the customer's satisfaction.


A good plan that can be followed through saves a lot of time, money and efforts down the line.

With a plan in hand,  SOLTEK team's strong interpersonal and coordination skills ensure all ends are tied together as needed.


Each project, regardless of scope, whether preliminary planning, study, EPC or turn key, has a fitted and carefully though out plan to meet it's goals through a trouble-free execution.

In addition, for large scale projects, where more parties need to be coordinated,  we appoint a contract manager who collaterally supervises the different parties and ensures the milestones are achieved on time, as well as own administrative tasks.

We offer our customers the benefits of a complete laboratory project: planning, consulting and completion.

Among our successful projects:

  • Milkman, Uganda

  • 12 Miles Farm, Papua New Guinea​

  • Vaniglia, Israel

Milkman - Dairy Lab, Uganda

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