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Disintegration Testers

ZT 120 light Series Manual Disintegration Tester

The ERWEKA ZT 120 light series is the perfect entry-level disintegration tester with one or two motor driven USP/EP/JP compliant test station. The compact unit of our light series is equipped with an integrated flow-through heater and a moulded one-piece PET water bath (no leaking / breaking, easy to clean) with cover.

ZT 320 Series Disintegration Tester

The user friendly ZT 320 series comes with one to four individually operated test stations, each connected to an individual keypad for easy setting of the required run time parameters as well as to start and stop the operation.

ZT 720 Series Automated Disintegration Tester

[widgetkit id="808" name="ZT Serie Spec Download DE"]The ZT 720 series is the new generation of automated disintegration testing.

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