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Suppository Testers

Suppository disintegration Tester ST 35

The ERWEKA suppository disintegration tester ST 35 comes with three turning test stations, each located inside a four liter glass vessel with an optional magnetic stirrer. Additionally, the unit contains a thermostatically heated water bath (non-leaking and double secured), in which the test stations are placed.

Suppository hardness tester SBT 2

The suppository hardness tester (type SBT 2) consists of an electrically heated chamber with an integrated sample holder and a number of interchangeable plastic inserts to accept various sized suppositories. Once up to the desired temperature, the hardness is checked by weights (included in the standard delivery range) which are gradually placed on the device until the suppository collapses under the load of the added weights.

Suppository melting point tester SSP

The ERWEKA SSP measures the melting point of suppository samples.

It consists of a graduated tube with an integrated test chamber made of glass. The sample to be tested is placed in the spiral shaped glass test basket inside the test chamber, which is surrounded by a water jacket.

Suppository penetration tester PM 30

The ERWEKA PM 30 measures the softening time of suppositories. Suppositories must disintegrate, dissolve or melt at body temperature in order to release their active ingredients to the body. ERWEKA offers a version for EP method A and method B.

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