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Tapped Density Tester

SVM II Tapped Density Tester

The SVM II is our latest generation of tapped density tester. With unprecedented flexbility and intelligent features, it makes tapped density testing as easy and reliable as never before.

SVM tapped density tester

The ERWEKA SVM series has been designed to measure tapped volume and tapped density of powders, granules and similar products. It is available for holding one or two glass cylinders and works according USP method 1 (300 strokes/min; stroke height 14 mm) or USP method 2 (250 strokes/min; stroke height 3 mm), which is equal to Pharm.Eur. and DIN ISO EN 787/11 requirements. As a special version, the SVM 223 offers two test methods simultaneously: one test station operates according to USP method 1 and the second test station according to USP method 2.

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