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Tablet Hardness Testers

Tablet Hardness Tester TBH 125 Series

The TBH 125 is the ERWEKA basic device for testing tablet hardness (dual-mode: “constant speed” and “constant force”), offering accuracy, robust design as well as easy and quick handling. The unit is operated via a symbol keypad which allows effortless entering of the samples number required for testing.

Tablet Hardness Tester TBH 325 Series

The TBH 325 is the ERWEKA hardness- or combination tester with integrated product memory for up to 50 products. Its robust design can be easily used in production environments. Via the numeric membrane keypad with alpha-numeric sub-function the nominal hardness in combination with three tolerances can be stored for up to 50 products and afterwards recalled for testing.

Tablet Hardness Tester TBH 425 Series

The ERWEKA TBH 425 is a tablet hardness and combination tester for half-automatic measuring of up to 10 samples. The samples are inserted in a star-shaped feeder and then automatically transported to the test station. Depending on the device model, automatic measurement can be taken for tablet hardness and thickness (optional), diameter or length (for oblongs) of round or odd-shaped samples.

Automated Tablet Hardness Tester EasyCheck

Fully automatic tablet hardness combination tester of 5 parameters - as easy as never before.

Automated Tablet Hardness Tester MultiCheck 6

The new MultiCheck 6 offers ease of operation, maximum efficiency and enhanced operator convenience. This fully automatic combination tester is packed with innovative technology: The intuitive touch display with integrated MC.NET software functionality, the capsule weight measurement system and the patented Oblong Navigator® are only some of the innovative new features.

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